BAD customer service at

I ordered a jacket in super sale on Internet ( at only 48$ with other items and free shipping.

It was too large and I called to an exchange for the same model at this price. The employee said I need to order an other one. Ok but I don’t want to pay more. She said I will write a note. I received a more expensive bill 93$. I called and told my story. The new employee said for an exchange you do not need a new order. It was an error. 😦

I received Saturday the smallest Jacket at the UPS store (as Sears depot) and I returned the largest. I told my long story. The UPS employee said I can not reimburse you, you must go to Sears. Sunday, I went to Sears and told again my long story in french. Answer : we can do anything, you must wait 3 days for the return was on the system and call Sears (warehouse).

I called Wednesday (4:30 PM) and I told my story again 2 times with 2 different people. Wait. All that stuff to listen it doesn’t work and you must pay the expensive one ! the 1st return item is still NOT in the system after one week.

Ok I will return both and get two refund !

I am very upset with this bad service !!


2 commentaires sur “BAD customer service at

  1. There is a simpler solution than returning the item.
    If the jacket is too short, cut off your arms. Sounds like this would be simpler than dealing with customer service.
    Bonne Annee, P, C, & F.

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